A selection of my public commercial work


What can I do for you?

Well-tested, quality software is what I do. I drive my work with tests and care about simplicity and usability. I'll work with you to create something that will delight your users.

Web development

I'm interested in taking on projects from simple web pages for small businesses all the way up to sophisticated web application development.

I can come & work with your team, work remotely or fly solo depending on the project.


I'm also available for consulting. If you need Grails expertise, help with test-driven development or support for any of the open-source software I work on then get in touch.

Open Source

You can use my software right now!

It's a rare time that I don't have at least one open source project on the boil. Some of my more recent work includes:


Betamax is an HTTP testing tool that records and plays back HTTP traffic generated by an application when running tests. This isolates tests from external dependencies & allows them to use ‘canned’ responses to simulate error conditions, etc.


In addition to a number of small contributions to the Grails framework I recently updated the default scaffolding templates and stylesheets for version 2 of Grails to use modern standards such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & WAI-ARIA

Grails Plugins

I have released a number of Grails plugins including; Fields, Springcache, Spring Events, Joda Time, Selenium RC & Session Temp Files.


I worked with Luke Daley on the Geb browser automation tool. I talked him into basing it on Selenium and built the Geb Navigator API that layers a jQuery-like syntax over the Selenium API.